Strange World

Voando sem asas

"Nothing can be removed or modified, but their actions can. I can believe in a better world, even if it is not possible. I believe that there are fairies, witches and mermaids, but no. I overcome my world and live away from it all. But I can not. I can never."

"The fight for this strange world, the struggle for the most bizarre can bring me here.
I am not immortal, I am not human, am a part.
I’m no better or worse.
I’m not beautiful or ugly.
I’m not wrong, nor perfect.
I am who I am, without fear of criticism.
If you believe in supernatural things, the problem is mine, not theirs.
I want to live in dreams, without fear of being deceived.
I want to fly without wings.
I want to love without a heart.
I want to be someone different, this immensity.

 (Laís Oliveira)